I’ve found my niche in characters that require a salt of the earth relatability and an essence you can’t help but root for. I excel at playing characters who have an intense need to show their humanity. In a drama, I’m the idealistic, yet naive rookie who becomes disillusioned with the system and channels a bold intensity to change it, living in shows like East New York and Elsbeth. In a comedy, I’m the type-A, loveable, workaholic akin to Leslie Knope in Parks and Rec or Amy Santiago in Brooklyn 99. In a playful TV drama/thriller, I’m the tenacious underdog who is relentless in pursuit of her goals, persisting in the worlds of Shonda Rhimes or Ryan Murphy. 

With my Southern upbringing, Chicana* roots, and East Coast hustle, I bring personal connection and understanding to many different cultures. With a background in Musical Theatre and Shakespeare, I bring versatility, easily transitioning between various disciplines. 

*in case you don't know... Chicana refers to a woman who identifies as Mexican-American. Not just Mexican. Not just American. Both.